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The Company may develop and release App updates from time to time, in its sole discretion, which may include upgrades, bug repairs, patches, other error corrections, and/or new features. Certain features and functionality may be modified or removed entirely in updates. You acknowledge and agree that the Company is under no obligation to deliver Updates or to continue to provide or enable any specific features or functionality. When your mobile device is connected to the internet, depending on your mobile device settings:

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We do not check anything before it is posted on the Website, and we cannot guarantee that objectionable information will be removed promptly once it has been posted. As a result, we disclaim any liability for any user's or third-actions party's or inactions with respect to transmissions, chats, or content.nt. For the performance or nonperformance of the activities specified in this section, we have no duty or responsibility to anyone.

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Reliance on Information Posted


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Changes to the Website

This Website's material may be updated from time to time, but it is not guaranteed to be complete or up-to-date. Any of the information on the Website could be out of date at any time, and we have no obligation to update it.

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You may link to our site as long as you do so in a way that is fair and appropriate and does not harm or exploit our reputation; however, you must not establish a connection in such a way that implies any type of affiliation, permission, or endorsement on our behalf. Certain social media capabilities may be available on this Website, permitting you to:

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The website from which you are linked, or on which you make specific content available, must adhere to the Content Standards outlined in these Terms of Use in every way. You commit to work with us to stop any unlawful framing or linking as soon as possible. We have the right to cancel linking permission at any time and without notice. We reserve the right, at any moment and without warning, to disable all or any social networking services and links.

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If the Website includes connections to third-party websites and resources, these links are provided only for your convenience. This comprises banner adverts and sponsored links, as well as links contained in advertisements.WE HAVE NO RESPONSIBILITY OVER THE CONTENTS OF THOSE SITES OR RESOURCES, AND WE ACCEPT NO LIABILITY FOR THEM OR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE THAT MAY RESULT FROM YOUR USE OF THEM. YOU DO SO ENTIRELY AT YOUR OWN RISK AND SUBJECT TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE FOR SUCH WEBSITES IF YOU DECIDE TO ACCESS ANY OF THE THIRD PARTY WEBSITES LINKED TO THIS WEBSITE.

Geographic Restrictions

Only residents of the United States of America and Canada are permitted to use this Website. We make no assurances that the Website or any of its content is appropriate or accessible outside of the United States. Certain individuals or nations may not be able to access the Website. If you use the Website from a location other than the United States of America, you do so at your own risk and are responsible for adhering to local laws. You must not do business with or through the Website if you are a resident of a country other than the United States of America or Canada.

Third Parties

You are responsible for any errors in the accuracy of information provided in connection with such use, including, but not limited to, the billing address and phone number of the credit card holder, if you use the Website to submit requests for or on behalf of a third-party, such as a family member or a travelling companion. These should match what their banking institution has on file for them. Furthermore, you must inform the Third-party of all terms and conditions that apply to all items or services purchased through this website, as well as any rules or restrictions that apply. If you are using this Website for or on behalf of a Third-party, you undertake to pay and hold each Covered Party harmless from and against any and all liabilities, losses, damages, actions, and claims arising out of the Third-or party's failure to meet any of the above-mentioned duties. Any request you submit, including total charges and performance responsibilities, is solely your responsibility. You agree that the Company will not be obligated to return any payments.

Travel Services

Keep in mind that travelling to certain locations may pose a higher danger than travelling to other locations. YOU 'll Ensure THAT YOU Fulfill ALL FOREIGN ENTRY REQUIREMENTS AND THAT YOU HAVE ALL REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION. Before arranging travel to international places, the Company strongly advises you to study the United States Government's travel prohibitions, warnings, announcements, and advisories. Websites devoted to certain international places can be found at the following addresses:,,, and More information on probable foreign entrance requirements can be obtained at this link: Information on the State Department's travel warnings and advisories can be found at Information on foreign health needs and dangers can be found at the following address:

Disinsection is permitted under international law to protect public health, agriculture, and the environment, according to the Department of Transportation's website. For aircraft disinsection, the World Health Organization and the International Civil Aviation Organization recommend two methods: (1) inject an aerosolized insecticide into the aircraft cabin while travelers are on board, or (2) while passengers are not on board, spray or treat the aircraft's interior surfaces with a residual insecticide. American Samoa has chosen a third method, in which an aerosolized insecticide is sprayed on planes when passengers are not on board. Although the World Health Organization's Informal Consultation on Aircraft Disinsection (November 6-10, 1995) found that aircraft disinsection would not pose a risk to human health if handled properly. Following aircraft disinsection by aerosol application, some people may experience transient discomfort, according to the report. A government could impose a disinsection requirement under the Chicago Convention, which governs international civil aviation, if it perceives a harm to its public health, agriculture, or environment. As a result, while booking flights or if you have doubts regarding your ultimate destination's policies, you should consult your travel agent or airline reservations representative. Please visit the Department of Transportation's website at the following location for more information regarding disinsection, as well as a list of airline contacts for disinsection and a list of nations that require disinsection:


Travel Service Providers

You agree to follow by any terms and conditions of offer imposed by any service provider providing services directly or indirectly related to your use of the Website and purchases made on or through the Website, whether such Travel Service Provider is selected by you or by the Company, including, but not limited to, timely payment of all amounts due and compliance with the Travel Service Provider's rules and restrictions regarding availability and use of fares, products, or services, whether such Travel Service Provider is selected by you or by the Company, including, but not limited. You acknowledge that any breach of any such Travel Service Provider's rules, restrictions, and/or purchase conditions may result in the following: any reservation or purchase that has been made has been cancelled; refusal to board any airplane, hotel, or transportation; all money you've paid for such a reservation or transaction will be forfeited; and the Company debiting your account for any fees incurred by the Company as a result of or in connection with such breach. Any charge, fee, duty, tax, and/or assessment arising from your use of the Website is solely and fully your responsibility.


The Company has no special knowledge of whether or not any reservation is suitable for disabled people. Please contact the Travel Service Provider directly for information regarding the suitability of any reservation for disabled persons.

Track Your Flight

Flight Tracker is a tracking service that assures that passengers have a smooth and easy boarding experience. The service keeps a record of travellers' flight information and collects real-time data on flight delays, cancellations, and changes in the terminal or boarding gate, informing travellers through SMS and email as soon as possible.

If your flight is delayed or cancelled, call our toll-free number to speak with one of our customer service representatives about alternate flight options and practical tips.

Please keep in mind that this is a service provided by Air Legit, which is a third-party. Additionally, travellers are urged to check the official website of the concerned airline for confirmation of their flight's departure status.

Exchange Rates and Currency

Purchases made on the Website are frequently conducted in multiple currencies, depending on your IP address and/or the currency you choose to purchase in. At the time of checkout, you will be charged in the currency displayed. If you make a purchase on the Website with a debit or credit card, please be aware that, due to fluctuations in exchange rates, the charge to your debit or credit card, or the estimated charge amount we provide you, may differ depending on the applicable exchange rate at the time you make your reservation versus the exchange rate at the time the charge is reflected on your credit or debit card statement, which may be calculated through the use of third party applications. If we need to credit your account, we'll reimburse the exact amount in the currency that was originally charged. We are not liable for any exchange rate variations that may result in discrepancies on your debit or credit card statement. Some credit card firms and banks charge transaction fees that are not limited to overseas transactions. Your bank may charge you a conversion fee if the payment amount is converted to your local currency. This implies that the amount on your credit or bank card statement may be in your local currency and so differ from the value displayed on the billing summary page for a reservation made on the Website. The bank or card company may regard booking foreign travel to be an international transaction. Your bank determines the currency exchange rate and foreign transaction fee. Please contact your bank if you have any issues regarding these fees or the exchange rate used on your booking.

Restrictions on Airlines

Changes in rules, travel plans, and prices

Airline tickets purchased through the Website are subject to the applicable airline's and its offering's published conditions of carriage and rules, including but not limited to cancellation policies and other terms of use. When issued, the applicable airline's contract of carriage shall be between the applicable airline and the passenger. Airlines reserve the right to change flight timings and schedules at any time; nevertheless, schedule modifications may result in an itinerary that violates the Company's contractual obligations. Airlines may also change or cancel flights or itineraries at their discretion.

The Company makes every effort to publish and maintain correct rates and information for its airline services, and airlines supply the Company with price and other relevant information. If a service is listed by or provided to the Company at an incorrect price or with inaccurate information as a result of a typographical error or other error in pricing or service information received from an airline, the Company and/or the airline retain the right to refuse or cancel any requests placed for such service before your method of payment is charged.

Frequent Traveler Points

The Company's airline services may not be eligible for frequent traveller awards, upgrades, vouchers, or other discounts or incentives.

Code Share

Airlines frequently enter into "code share" agreements with other, carefully selected airline partners. This means that on some routes, the airline selling or marketing the flight does not fly its own aircraft to the destination; instead, a partner airline is contracted to fly to the destination. Typically, the partner airline is identified as "operated by." In most circumstances, you'll check in with your "operating" carrier; nonetheless, it's a good idea to double-check with your ticketing carrier about your flight check-in location.

Hazardous Materials

Hazardous items cannot be carried aboard an airplane in your luggage or on your person, according to federal law. Depending on the circumstances, a violation might result in up to 10 years in jail and fines of $250,000 or more (49 U.S.C. 5124). Corrosives, radioactive materials, pressurized gases, flammable liquids and solids, oxidizers, explosives, and poisons are examples of hazardous materials.

Prohibited Practices

If forbidden by the applicable airline, you agree not to purchase a ticket(s) containing trip segments you will not utilize, such as "point-beyond," "hidden-city," or "back-to-back tickets." If the appropriate airline prohibits it, you also agree not to purchase a round-trip ticket that you intend to use exclusively for one-way travel. You recognise that most airlines prohibit all such practices/tickets, and that we cannot guarantee that if you engage in such practises, the appropriate airline will honor your ticket(s). You agree to protect the Covered Parties against airline claims for the difference between the full amount of your actual route and the value of the ticket(s) you purchased, based on these or any other prohibited activities.

Flight Segments

The majority of airlines require that flight coupons be used in a specific order. If you do not cancel all or part of the flight itinerary/journey you will not use before the departure of any segment of your itinerary/journey, you may be forced to forfeit the entire value of your airline ticket or any lesser portion of your airline ticket, depending on the applicable airline's rules for the fare you've purchased.

Taxes and Fees on Airline Tickets with a Published Price

To give a trip cost, applicable government taxes and levies, as well as airline costs, are either included in your fare or itemized individually on your checkout page. The tax rate in place at the moment you purchase your ticket is applied to the cost of your ticket. The traveller may be responsible for retroactive tax rate hikes. Exit and entry fees that are not included in your travel cost or that are itemised separately on your checkout page may be payable for foreign flights. To published-price airline itineraries that comprise more than one carrier, a non-refundable fee may be applied per ticket. On certain overseas flights, additional expenses such as paper ticket fees, itinerary changes, cancellation or refund fees, baggage fees, and entry or departure fees may apply to your trip.In no event may the Company be liable for any tax, duty, or fee (save its own income tax).

Refunds and Cancellations

All cancellation of airline tickets reservations must be made over the phone. A refund request will be considered only if the following conditions are met:

We are unable to provide any particular time estimates for the time it may take to process the requested refund. You will receive an e-mail notification from our end stating that the cancellation request has been received once it has been submitted to our customer service agent. Receiving a notification, however, does not guarantee that you will receive a refund. The e-mail message is simply a confirmation that your request has been received, together with a tracking number. We will contact suppliers such as airlines, hotels, and rental car providers to generate a waiver only if your request for cancellation and refund is suitable for a refund. The supplier's decision will be final, and we will inform you of it.

Seats, meals, frequent flyer miles, and other special requests are all available.

Keep in mind that any special requests you make for seats, meals, frequent flyer miles, or anything else are treated as requests only. Our service fee of up to $10, as well as Paid seat charges for making such a special request on your behalf, are non-refundable in the event of cancellation. We take no responsibility for ensuring that the seat(s) you have chosen will be assigned to you. Likewise, we cannot guarantee that the airline will honor your meal(s), frequent flyer, or other special requests. As a result, it is strongly recommended that you contact the respective airline directly to obtain confirmation of these requests prior to the scheduled departure date.

Baggage Fees and Policy

Because most airlines now charge a price even for the first checked bag, it is strongly advised to travel light in order to save money on baggage fees. Check out our Baggage Fees page to learn more about each airline's baggage fees. If you have excess baggage, you may be charged an excess baggage fee, which is determined by the airline and its baggage policy. Baggage policies vary by airline, and fees can range from $15 to $200 or more depending on the size, weight, and quantity of bags. However, our service fee of up to $12 and baggage fees for certain flights are non-refundable in the event of cancellation. We make every effort to provide the most up-to-date information on luggage fees, however it is strongly recommended that you contact the airline directly for the most up-to-date baggage policy.

Some airline companies may charge you additional costs at the airport for certain services and/or if you exceed certain airline-imposed limits. Furthermore, certain airlines do not provide any complimentary luggage allowance. During the booking process, each airline should be contacted directly for detailed information on baggage and any additional fees that may apply.

Fees for entry and exit

Fees are charged by some countries or airports for entering and exiting the country. These charges are not included in the ticket price or the fees and taxes listed on our website. You accept that all such fees are your responsibility. We recommend visiting before your departure for further information on country entry and exit costs.

Limitation on Time to File Claims


Waiver and Severability

The Company's waiver of any term or condition set forth in these Terms of Use shall not be construed as a further or continuing waiver of that term or condition or of any other term or condition, and the Company's failure to assert a right or provision under these Terms of Use shall not be construed as a waiver of that right or provision. If any provision of this Agreement of Use is found to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable by a court or other tribunal of competent jurisdiction for any reason, that provision will be struck out or limited to the bare minimum, leaving the remaining provisions of the Terms of Use in full force and effect.

Credit/Debit Cards

Offers and Discounts

Only flight reservations are eligible for promo codes. These Promo codes must be entered at the time of the purchase. The promo codes shown below, as well as other promo codes on the website and in newsletters, provide reductions on our service prices. By using these promo codes, you can save up to $10 per traveller. Other promo codes, as well as the ones listed above, cannot be combined with any other promo code, promotion, or special offer. These promo codes may be deemed invalid and without warning. A single buyer can only use these promotional codes once.

Please keep in mind that


Upgrade benefit is inclusive of

The itinerary consists of two or more one-way tickets, each with different terms and conditions depending on the airline. To make successful adjustments to the itinerary, each ticket must be updated independently, with a separate change cost levied on each ticket.

Entire Agreement

The Terms of Use, our Privacy Policy and DMCA Copyright Policy, as well as the Terms of Sale, are the only and final agreement between you and cheapfaresfinder with respect to the Website, and they supersede all prior and contemporaneous understandings, agreements, representations, and warranties, both written and oral, with respect to the Website. The parties expressly agree that this agreement, as well as all papers directly or indirectly related to it, will be written in English.

Cancellation Policy

Disclaimer: is a US-based online travel agency. It serves as a liaison between clients and the providers of travel services; nevertheless, it makes no guarantees regarding the availability, cost, or grade of the services provided by the providers. The primary goal of is to link travelers and airlines. The price of the ticket is changeable here until ticketing. Please contact us using the information on the contact us page ( if you have any questions or issues.

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