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What is the Aeroflot Airlines cancellation policy?

Being ready for the flight can be stirring, but miserably, the plans of passengers are changed, and they need to keep their reservations. If you are dealing with the same issue, it is essential to understand the airline’s policies so that you can understand how to proceed with it without paying any penalties for this, with minimal pressure. If you are a passenger of Aeroflot Airlines, then you can learn its cancellation rules and regulations by visiting its official web page which is

Read the details below if you are unable to find out its cancellation policies and rules. 

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This airline permits their existing customers to cancel their flights according to their preferences. Read the below details and check out your eligibility.

  • Under the Aeroflot 24 Hours Cancellation Policy, if you have reserved the seat in an economy class seat and you want to postpone your trip due to whatever reason, then within 24 hours of your booking confirmation, you can call off your reservation, that will without any cancellation penalty or fee.
  • If the tickets are confirmed under non-refundable tickets, then you are not eligible for any refund but speaking to its customer service agent by paying some extra dollars, which is between $200-$500 depending on the class of the flight, type of fare and, route difference.
  • If the delay happens from the airline side, then you’re allowed to get compensation or a total refund. 
  • Most trips are reserved by using third-party web pages; if you also reserve the seats using third-party web pages, then to postpone your reservation, you are required to contact the same third-party web page flight service provider web page only.

How to Cancel an Aeroflot Flight?

You can simply cancel your reservation online at Here, you are not required to wait for someone to provide the details for your cancellation. You can do it by yourself. Here, all you need is to visit the official web page and wait for a few seconds till its home page loads on your computer or mobile screen.  

  • Then, click on “Manage your reservation,” where you need to Sign into the account by entering the booking code and last name of the traveler (in Latin letters).
  • Click on the search tab.
  • Here, you will see your total booking details (previous flights and upcoming flights). Check the flight that you want to manage.
  • Now, tap on the Cancel Trip option two times to confirm your selection.
  • Then, enter the flight itinerary details and tap on cancel.
  • Now, a new page will open where you have to pay the penalty if needed; otherwise, skip it. 
  • Tap on finish or submit.

Then, your booking will be postponed, and you will get the details of your registered email address or cell phone via text message.

How to Get a Refund from Aeroflot and Policy?

There are many methods available to get a refund without any deduction, such as the airline's official web page, mobile application, etc., but if the reservation is made under non-refundable policy, then to get the refund with no money deduction, you are required to contact the customer service agent or meet the customer service persian at the airport because online cancellation is not allowed for non-refundable tickets.

How can I speak Aeroflot Airlines live person?

When a customer is dealing with his or his booking-related issues, then they are required to dial the contact number of the customer service department directly at 1 (866) 879-7647. Then, they are required to follow some simple and easy commands of the IVR menu system. The IVR menu audio system helps passengers fetch the data the customer needs, and then it transfers the call to the available agent. In the commands, you are required to: 

Choose Pick out a language that is easy and comfortable for you while following and listening to the commands.

  • Pick out option number 1 for Spanish.
  • Pick out option number 3 for English.
  • Pick out option number 5 for Mexican.
  • Pick out option number 7 for Italian.

Now, in the following command and steps, where you need to pick the topic of your discussion that you are searching to solve as soon as possible with the staff available at that time. For this, on your cell phone keypad, you are needed to:

  • Pick out option number 1 to make a new flight reservation.
  • Pick out option number 3 to cancel your confirmed plane seat or manage your reservation.
  • Pick out option number 5 to claim a total refund or claim a return.
  • Pick out the option number to get registered details for your lost or damaged luggage.
  • Pick out the option number to listen to the audio of the IVR menu audio again.
  • Pick out option number 0 to communicate to a customer service agent directly.

Once you have followed all the steps, then, within a few minutes, your call will be transferred to the person available at that time.

What is Aeroflot Airlines compensation Policy for canceled and delayed flights?

According to the airline's canceled and delayed flight policies, if the flight is delayed for more than 4 hours, then passengers can claim compensation, but if the delay happens due to climate issues, then the passenger will not receive any compensation for this.

  • If the flight is delayed for more than 24 hours, then airlines are required to pay the total accommodation of the customer for 4 hours delay. But if customers don’t want accommodation, then they can claim a total refund as well. 

Passengers can also claim compensation if the reservation is canceled by the airline itself due to any issue except a natural disaster. 

In conclusion, after reading all the details passengers can now have the total details of the cancellation policies and procedures, etc that he or she are looking for. Read the above details.


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