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How to request an Alaska Airlines wheelchair Assistance at the Airport?

Are you suffering from a medical condition and looking for wheelchair assistance? Make your booking with Alaska Airlines for the best support. Alaska Airlines is committed to providing the best flight experience to its passengers. You just need to reach the agent of Alaska Airlines at the respective airport and seek a wheelchair. The agent will assist you in the best possible manner. To request a wheelchair at the airport, you must reach the airport at least two hours before the scheduled flight.

Who is eligible for an airport Alaska Airlines wheelchair?

Alaska Airlines makes sure the passengers traveling with them get the best support. If you need a wheelchair at the airport, it is available. Their assistants will take you from the airport gate to the boarding flight. Here are the passengers who can request a wheelchair at the airport:

  • The passenger must have a valid ticket from Alaska Airlines.
  • A passenger with any kind of disability.
  • Passengers with a medical condition can ask for a wheelchair at the airport.

What is the Alaska Airlines special assistance policy and charges?

The passengers can easily access wheelchair assistance from Alaska Airlines at any airport. To help the passengers, the airline has designed a guideline. Before you book or seek a wheelchair, you can go through these guidelines or policies for better understanding and clarity over rules and regulations regarding wheelchairs at the airport.

  • To request a wheelchair with Alaska Airlines at any airport, passengers must reach the airport at least two hours before the flight.
  • The airline will provide a wheelchair escort (if required) both at departure and arrival destination for the passenger’s help.
  • The passengers are free to bring their wheelchair or they can also ask for one from the airline both at the arrival and departure destination.
  • Passengers can bring collapsible, electric-powered carts, scooters, non-folding manual wheelchairs, or folding wheelchairs, but they must be under the dimensions decided by Alaska Airlines.
  • If the passenger is requesting a wheelchair online, they must do it at least 48 hours before the flight departure.

Charges for Wheelchair Assistance booking

As of now, Alaska Airlines does not charge any fee from its passengers for wheelchair assistance. Wheelchair assistance is available on all Alaska flights free of cost.

What is the process of requesting special assistance with Alaska Airlines?

Any passengers feeling sick or unhealthy can ask for a wheelchair at the airport. For this, reach the airport two hours before the flight and look for an Alaska Airlines live agent for help. However, what is even better is to book one on the phone and save yourself from this hustle and bustle at the airport. To book a wheelchair on the phone, follow the steps below:

  • Dial 1 800 503 0101 and wait for the call to connect.
  • Once your call is connected, you will listen to an IVR stating the services of the airline.
  • Press the key to the special assistance department and an agent of the associated department will join you on the call.
  • Ask for a wheelchair from the agent and share your flight details.
  • Now, share the time you will reach the airport.
  • The agent will accept your request and provide you with a wheelchair when you reach the airport.

How to book an Alaska Airlines wheelchair assistance flight after booking?

Have you missed adding the wheelchair assistance at the time of flight booking? Do not worry; a passenger with a valid Alaska ticket can book a wheelchair even after the flight booking. Here is step-by-step guidance for requesting a wheelchair from the airline:

  • Visit the official page of Alaska Airlines
  • Locate the “Manage” option enter the last name of the passenger along with the ticket number or confirmation code and tap on continue.
  • After this, access the menu section and select the special assistance option.
  • You will get a form on the next page. Choose the wheelchair assistance and complete the form.
  • Finally submit the form and wait; the airline will send you a confirmation mail that your request has been accepted.


Passengers who booked their tickets with Alaska Airlines and looking for wheelchair assistance can go through this article as it discusses some of the major aspects of wheelchair assistance. However, if you still have doubts, you can connect with the Alaska Airlines customer service team for better understanding and clarity.


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