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How Do I Get Wheelchair Assistance At Egyptair?

Are you suffering from a physical disability or medical issue? Get special assistance from Egyptair. The airline tries its best to ensure that every passenger traveling with them gets the best possible facility and comfort. Passengers are allowed to bring their wheelchairs, and they can ask for one from the airline. But, make sure if you are requesting from the airline, you will have to do it 48 hours before the departure of your flight. 

How To Arrange A Wheelchair At The Airport Egyptair?

Passengers with a medical issue or physical disability can ask for a wheelchair. For this, when you reach the airport, locate the Egyptair helpdesk and discuss your health issue with their agent. The agent will arrange for an assistant and a wheelchair to take you to the carrier. You can keep or leave the wheelchair with you while traveling. The airline will arrange another one when you arrive at your destination. 

How to call EgyptAir Customer Service for Special Assistance Support?

If you are medically unfit and require any kind of help from Egyptair during your travel, let’s say you need a wheelchair. You can connect with the airline agent and apply for it. They will help you in the best possible manner to make your travel easy and comfortable. Let’s see the process of requesting special assistance on the phone: 

  • Dial 1 (212) 581-5600 and wait for your call to connect. 
  • Once your call is connected, you will have to follow the on-call menu and reach the special assistance department. 
  • Now, wait and listen to the pre-recorded voicemail until a person from the associated department joins you on the line. 
  • Ask the agent to provide you with a wheelchair at the airport at the time of departure and arrival at your destination. 
  • Now, share your booking details with the agent. 
  • The agent will accept your request and share the time when you have to reach the airport. 
  • On your arrival at the airport, an Egyptair escort will get you the wheelchair. 

What is the process for requesting special assistance on an Egyptair flight?

As per the guidelines of Egyptair wheelchair assistance for the passengers must be under the dimensions mentioned by the airline. But, if your wheelchair does not fit the requirements of the airline, they will offer you one. You do not have to bring your wheelchair. To request a wheelchair, follow the steps below: 

  • Go to the official page of Egyptair.
  • Now, scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the “Special Assistance” option. 
  • You will see an option to fill out this form for disability assistance. 
  • Once you click on this, you will have to sign in using your email and password to access the form.
  • Complete the form with the details of your booked flight and enter your name, number, and other personal information as requested. 
  • Select a wheelchair in the special assistance box and explain your special medical requirements, if there are any. 
  • Attach your medical reports and submit the form. The airline will arrange a wheelchair for you when you reach the airport gate. 

What is the Egyptair Online Check in Policy? 

Complete your check-in before you reach the airport and skip the long queue at the airport. But it advised you to read the Egyptair Flight Check in Policies for help before you apply for it. Read below to know the details: 

  • The Egyptair Check-in window opens 48 hours before the flight's scheduled departure and closes 90 minutes before the flight's departure. 
  • Passengers holding a confirmed electronic ticket can apply for online check-in. 
  • The online check-in can be requested from Egyptair's official website or mobile app. 
  • Some cities can have special requirements for online check-in. Thus, passengers are required to visit the official page to know the details.  

What are the Egyptair Special Assistance Policies? 

  • For any kind of special assistance, make sure you connect with the airline and specify your requirements at least 48 hours before the flight. 
  • Any passenger requested for a wheelchair will have to reach the airport three hours before the flight scheduled to leave the airport. 
  • One can request a wheelchair through Egyptair's sales office or by using the 'Manage my Booking' feature.
  • The airline does not charge passengers any fee for wheelchair assistance. 

Who is eligible for an escort? 

  • Passengers who are unable to move properly without a wheelchair and require assistance with feeding and toileting can ask for an escort on the flight. 
  • Customers traveling in wheelchairs do not have to get medical clearance to travel with Egyptair, but they will not receive escort assistance during the travel. 


Egyptair offers assistance to make your journey comfortable and convenient. If you require special assistance or support, please reach out to the Egyptair live Agent, who is available 24/7.

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