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How to Book a Group Tickets with Ethiopian Airlines?

Are you thinking of a thrilling and adventurous time with your friends, colleagues, or loved ones? Traveling with a group can be an exciting and thrilling experience filled with shared and unforgettable memories. But traveling with a group can be both stirring and challenging, especially when it comes to reserving airline tickets. Don’t worry; Ethiopian Airlines is aware of the needs of group travelers, so it offers a seamless solution for its Group reservation services. 

In the guide below, you will find out all the possible ways to reserve seats with a hassle-free and smooth experience. 

Read the below guide to make a reservation as per your requirements.

To make an Ethiopian Airlines Group booking, first, you are required to go to the airline's official website, which is, and then on the home page, tap “Contact Us,” and You will be directed to a new page.

  • Now, search for the link to Group Travel here and tap on it to access the webpage Open the online form and fill in the necessary details. (passenger name, city pair, gender, age, etc.) and submit the form.
  • Then, the airline will send you price details within three business days and provide essential details about the reservation service.
  • Once you receive the price details, you need to do the payment procedures so that you can confirm your tickets, either in whole or partially.

Note: To reserve most of your group travel with the Airline, keep the essential points in mind that is:

  • Complete the Group Reservation form before expecting acceptance of your trip booking request.
  • Reservations of more than 10 passengers cannot be procured over the phone call.

How to talk an Ethiopian Airlines Live Agent?

When a customer (both new and existing customers) is dealing with his or her air trip related issues, then they are required to communicate with the Ethiopian customer service department directly at +1 800 445 723. Then, they are required to follow some easy and simple steps of the IVR menu system. The IVR menu audio system helps customers fetch the data they need, and then it transfers the call to the available agent. In the steps, you are needed to: 

Pick out your native language that you think is easy for you while speaking and listening to the steps of the voice menu.

  • Select the option number one for Spanish.
  • Select option number three for English.
  • Select option number five for Mexican.

Now, in the next step, you have to pick the following that you are searching to solve the issue as soon as possible with the agents available at that time. For this, on your cell phone dial keypad, you are required to:

  • Select the option number one to make a flight reservation (for solo or less than 10 passengers).
  • Select option number three to call off your reserved seat or manage/modify your booking.
  • Select the option number five to claim for a compensation or refund.
  • Select option number seven to register your complaint for your missing or damaged luggage.
  • Select option number nine to listen to the recorded audio of the IVR menu steps one more time.

Once you have followed all the steps, then, within a few seconds, if the connectivity is stable, your call will be transferred to the agent available at that time.

How to get discounts on Ethiopian Airlines Group reservations?

When confirming an itinerary for a large group or more than 10 travelers, you may be able to take advantage of why reserving the sets at a lower amount. This is often true for air prices because this airline offers tickets at a low cost if the customer confirms 10 or more than 10 travelers together. You can get the excluding deals and discount coupons.

How to manage my Ethiopian Airlines booking?

To manage your reservation, go to its official web page, which is

  • Then tap on the tab “My Bookings.”
  • Here, you need to enter the booking reference code/number and the last name of any passenger and tap on retrieve booking.
  • Now, on the same screen, you can see your reservation's upcoming and past details.
  • Then, find the flight that you want to modify and tap on Ethiopian Airlines manage booking.
  • Now, modify as per your preference.
  • Pay the modification amount if needed; otherwise, skip the procedure.
  • When all the modifications are done, then click on complete or finish.

After that, within 20 minutes to 30 minutes, you will get the ticket modification details on the email address where you proceeded at the time of reserving your air trip. 

In conclusion, after reading all the details mentioned above will be enough for you to make and modify your group reservation as per your preferences.

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