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What is The Egyptair Flight Change Policy?

As all know, there is no reliance or guarantee on trip plans. The plan can change at any time, whether it is due to any occurrence of an emergency or any personal reason. If your trip plan also changes and you are unable to catch your flight on your selected date and time, then don’t worry because, with Egyptair, you can easily change your flight as per your preference. At's official web page, you can modify it as per your choice.

But, if you don’t know the required process, then you can take a look by reading the below information so that you can make the modifications as per your preference.

The procedure to change your reserved flight

If you want to change your pre-booked flight, then go to, and when the website opens on its home page, tap on “Book”. After that, click on “My Booking”.

  • Now, wait for a few seconds till a new page opens, and when a new page opens then, you are required to enter the booking reference number/ code and last name of the passenger that you get on your registered email address or cellular number.
  • Then, click the “See Your Booking” option.
  • After that, on the same window, you can see your total booking details with Egyptair where you need to search the flight you want to manage.
  • Here, you are required to tap on manage booking and make the modification as per your choice.
  • At the last, make the payment if it is required.

When the procedure ends without phasing any error then you will get your flight change verification mail where you can see your updated ticket details.

How do I change my Egyptair Flight without any charges?

If a Customer changes his/her flight within 24 hours of reserving the seat without paying a fee by calling +1 212 581 6599 under the Flight change policy, given the travel date is a week away. You can change the departure dates after 24 hours of confirming your reservation, but you may have to pay a flight change charge along with the difference in the airfare.

How much must I have to pay for flight change on Egyptair?

If you have a domestic air trip but don’t want to fly with your booked flight, then after 24 hours of reserving your e-tickets you are required to pay 75 USD for flight change. If you have an international trip, then you are required to pay 75 USD as a penalty. But remember, airlines change tier policies from time to time, so it is best for you to recheck the payment amount if any change occurs.

How do I talk to Egyptair customer service?

There are options available with this airline to talk to customer service. Read the information options, and then you can know which option is best for you. The methods are:

When visiting the airport, talking to the customer service person directly face to face can be the most useful option for any customer. Speaking with him/her face to face will give you complete contentment, and you will also get the reply much faster. If you want to apply this option or method, then you need to:

  • Go to any airport that is not far from your location.
  • Once you reach the airport, go straight to the airline's help desk department.
  • Ask the person you query, and you will get the solutions in a while.

By going to its headquarters: By reaching out to its headquarters, you can also talk about the issues you are dealing with and get instant solutions. For this, you need to go to the headquarters of your airline in your country or region region and then go to its office, and after meeting and discussing the issues, you will get the solutions.

How do I talk to an Egyptair live person about my refund claim?

To talk to the live person about your refund claim then, you are required to call the airline and connect to the refund department at +1 212 581 6599. In this contact number, you need to follow all the procedures of the IVR menu audio that it tells you to do, and when its command ends, your call will transfer to the refund claim department.

How To Change my Egyptair Flight Date and time?

To change flight dates on this airline, you first need to check your eligibility by reading its policies so that you can understand whether you are eligible for the change date or not. If yes, then are you eligible for free modification, or do you need to pay some fee or penalty? Then, you can make the changes by using multiple options, such as via its official web page, by using its mobile application, speaking with the customer service person, etc.

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