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What is the Avelo Airlines Pet policy?

Avelo Airlines features convenient and comfortable travel not only for its passengers but also for its four-legged friend. As a passenger, if you travel through Avelo Airlines, you must know these terms and rules for keeping animals along with you. Violating the norms can make your pet debarred from onboard. You must stay acquainted with the terms before onboarding the aircraft to avoid any such hassle. The page outlines the four-legged friend policy and gives you a detailed insight into the rules and regulations. Stay tuned until the end to learn more in detail!

How to Add a Pet on Avelo Airlines?

Due to limited space availability, you must make a booking before your companion animal. You can let the airlines know that you are bringing an animal along by making buy the pet add-on through the website To book, call a customer service representative at (346) 616-9500 and tell them you want to add a domestic animal. They will add your companion animal to the aircraft reservation on your behalf in a hassle-free manner.

Does Avelo Airlines allow pets in the cabin?

Avelo is a pet-friendly airline that allows small cats, rabbits, birds, and dogs In-cabin. The domestic animal will be stored comfortably in a hard-sided or soft-sided container with a size of 14” x 9” x 9.5”, and the space should be spacious enough to accommodate your four-legged friend easily.

What are Avelo Airlines pet charges for Flights international and domestic Flights?

You are required to pay additional domestic animal fees. If talking about the companion animal fee, the travel fee for Avelo Aircraft is 125 USD per pet carrier each way.

What are the General terms and conditions for transporting pets in the cabin?

Avelo Aircraft doesn't permit flying with animals as checked baggage. In-cabin domestic animal travel restrictions allow one passenger to have one pet carrier per person. beside these –

  • A pet carrier can include a maximum of 2 small cats or dogs.
  • As per Avelo airline norms, the airline allows up to 8 carriers. However, the policy may vary, and sometimes, it even enables less than eight animal carriers.
  • The cage should be spacious enough to carry all of the animals.
  • The airline allows service animals with proper training to assist passengers with physical and mental disability. Under service animal provision, only dogs are permitted.
  • There will be no additional fees charged by an airline.
  • A service animal, on behalf of its disabled owner, will perform the task.
  • Service animals must be kept on a cord and under the command of their owner.
  • Documentation, including vaccinations and so on, is required as proof verified by the doctor or licensed mental health professional, validating that it's a service animal required for the disabled passenger’s assistance.
  • Procure all the necessary information. As you have collected all the necessary documents, you can inform the aircraft to book a reservation for your animal.

Several travel limitations you must know if you are traveling with a service animal -

It’s your responsibility to control your animal, even if you are carrying the service animal, you must ensure the following -

  • If you have a trained service animal, you cannot sit in the emergency seat. This is so that during an emergency, the animal will not obstruct your exit.
  • Airlines don’t allow cargo service for animals.
  • You may be required to give all the required documents regarding animal size, breed, and health status.
  • Likewise, an individual or animal needs to provide documents stating their health status after being verified by a doctor.
  • It meets the safety regulations under the federal provisions.
  • Animals must be kept so that they may not obstruct the emergency evacuation.
  • If you take a service animal, stow it under the seat before you.
  • It's an owner's responsibility to ensure that a service animal does not come before the airline aisle, hold a seat, engage in a tray table, or interrupt the passenger seat.

If an animal doesn’t meet the criteria above to commute as a trained service animal, then an animal has to travel as a terms and regulations for fees. Even if you have any queries in mind or are confused, feel free to approach the Live Person. They will keep you updated on Avelo dog travel policies.

Conclusion –

Hope now you have understood the terms and policies regarding the pet. You can commute with the animal following the above policy in airlines. The policy isn’t tricky to follow, but the rules are meant to ensure the safety and security of the passengers. To ensure safety, a passenger must abide by the aircraft rules. If you have any queries in mind, contact the Avelo Airlines Live Agent who will resolve all of your doubts and confusions in your mind. So, what to wait for? Place a call to the customer representative anytime, if required. Bottom of Form


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